Kanye West being sued for defamation by the family of George Floyd

Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd’s only daughter, Gianna Floyd, has been reported to be making plans to sue Kanye West for comments that he made about the death of George Floyd.

Appearing on a recent episode of Revolt’s “Drink Champs” podcast with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. Kanya West shared Floyd died from the use of fentanyl, not from Dereck Chauvin physically kneeling on his neck for eight minutes.

The lawsuit is for a reported amount of $250 million and blames Kanye West, his business, and his associates for harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotion. After word of Washington’s lawsuit begin to circulate with various media outlets, a representative for “Drink Champs” issued the following statement to the Hollywood Reporter, “Drink Champs prides itself on its ability to allow a free flow of ideas within the hip hop community. That being said, unfortunately, the recent interview with Kanye West contained false and hurtful information regarding the circumstances surrounding the murder of George Floyd. Integrity is very important and we don’t want to promote false narratives on our platform. Our goal is to celebrate the culture.” Drink Champs would later delete the Kanye West interview from their website.

N.O.R.E. made an appearance on the Breakfast Club and issued an apology, “But I apologize to the George Floyd family, I apologize to anybody that was hurt by Kanye West’s comments.”

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